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Check Out the Leading Manufacturers of Fitness and Yoga Products from Shanghai

In these modern times, with the rise of pollution and global warming, the increase of unwanted diseases and illness is also occurring. Many individuals get easily affected by this sickness, which results in life-threatening diseases. In order to prevent such situations to take place, people have turned themselves towards yoga and fitness, so that they get maintain and control their physical, mental and spiritual state. 


By keeping all the benefits of yoga and fitness in mind, we, from the Topko Product Group is offering our customers, with top-notch products and accessories, for fitness and yoga activities. 


Things to know about our company

The Topko Product Group Ltd was established in 2012, and within a few years into the industry, we created and build a reputation, which made us receive numerous customers. Our innovative, and superior-quality products and items are designed to meet the needs of our customers, who wish to stay fit and healthy. We take the finest-quality materials, in order to manufacture the products and items, perform a good amount of quality test, and double-check the item, before they reach our customer’s doorstep.


We also provided our online customers with photo-shooting, private labeling, and product designing services. So far with the help of our reputation, we have gained over 500 customers, out of which many of them have been with us, since the starting of our journey. With the help of trust, cooperation and good relations, with our both old and new clients, we have become much stronger, and aim to serve our customers, with much better products.

Located in the heart of Shanghai, the financial and economic center of China, we have a set of highly skilled and trained staff members, who will be beside our customers, during the time of their need. As a family, we believe that all our products will help our customers, to reach their ultimate fitness goal, so that they can opt for our services in the near future.


Allow the leading manufacturers to provide you with innovative fitness items

Now, there is no need for you to look the other way, or hop from shop to shop, we have all the necessary items and products, which will help you, reach your goal. We provide our items at an affordable price, and we do not charge more or less, from the given price.

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Yoga Mat

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Resistance bands

Core Slider

Resistance Tube Set

Slant board

Hip Bands

Foam Roller

Massage Ball

Yoga Tops

Yoga Pants

Yoga Leggings

Running Wear

Running Belt

Head Bands

Cooling Towel

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